Slavonice was selected as the scene of Svoboda & Williams' real estate party during the second week of June. The company's entire team traveled to this picturesque town, famous for its special atmosphere and rich history, to participate in a team building event.

A key moment of this event was the presentation of the new IT database, which will significantly improve internal company processes and in the future will also result in a more user-friendly website and tool for external users. In spite of the bad weather, people were undeterred and went on bike rides, participated in a ceramics class, took a trip to the nearby unique wetlands maintained by the Refugium environmmental organization, or learned about Slavonice's colorful history. Zdeněk Žampa, a native of the town and member of the Sklep theater, known to everyone by his nickname, Žampič, led people on an informative guided tour. Besides soaking up the town's special ambiance, team Svoboda & Williams also discussed real estate market analyses and forecasts, business strategies, and made time for introductions and informal meetings as it has grown to 130 members in its 16 years in the real estate business.