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Walls and Flooring

Tapety Plus

If you are looking for beautiful wallpaper, great design, good prices and a wide selection of decorative photographs and stickers for your walls in Bratislava, you will most certainly find it all at the Tapety Plus store.

Wallpaper is very different now from the wallpaper you remember from twenty years ago. If you've ever experienced taking old wallpaper off walls and understandably have decided to never go for it again – you could possibly reconsider and give wallpaper a second chance now. Wallpaper has made a comeback, has come a long way and is currently trending in interior design. Wallpaper is produced at a much higher quality now and comes in an array of attractive, pretty patterns – you can definitely find stylish wallpaper lining the walls of many stylish homes that have original, fantastic interiors. Wallpaper has the ability to revive an interior and even completely change its character. If you decide to wallpaper your home/office/business today, you can choose from a much wider portfolio than ever before. Decorating with wallpaper of a suitable pattern and color is like using a magic wand, the sudden change is amazing and instantly brings a needed upgrade of your interior. You would not be able to reach this effect using just colored paint. If you are not sure which wallpaper would create the right atmosphere for your interior, take advantage of the free of charge consultation with a Tapety Plus interior adviser that will recommend the right choice for your home. 

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