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Walls and Flooring

Wallfashion Karki

Wallfashion Karki started as one of the first companies to distribute tapestries to Slovakia. With time Karki gradually completed their portfolio and today they represent the most important wallpaper manufacturers in Europe, supplying them exclusively on the Slovak market.

In addition to the wide selection of all types and styles of tapestries, wallpaper, Venetian wall plasters, imitation of concrete lower ceilings, creative facades, special coatings, 3D wall tiles and stone facings & facades, they offer professional services of their craftsmen and masters who will skillfully install and apply these beautiful materials in your home - under a long time warranty from the importer. This team of professionals is regularly trained abroad and is always looking forward to new and interesting projects.

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    OC Styla,Studená 5/18496,821 04 Bratislava
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