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Walls and Flooring

Saxo Parket

Your floor is the foundation of your home’s interior. Why not support local producers in their tradition and get a high quality wooden floor made in Slovakia?

Saxo Parket, the family-run wooden floor producer, has been working with natural materials since 1993. They have gone through several stages of working with solid wood, always in regards to a healthy environment. Their goal is to produce beautiful original wooden floors with good design, long service life and easy maintenance. Recently, they have been focusing on producing a three-layer wooden floor. The surface of their floors is treated by OSMO oils, which preserve the natural character of the wood, render its natural structure and give the wood the possibility of natural breathing. All wood used in the production of Saxo Parket wood flooring comes from officially controlled materials from Slovakia or the Czech Republic and the wood waste produced during the production of flooring is processed into briquettes without the use of adhesives. Saxo Parket floors are produced from oak, the most widely used and most popular type of wood flooring in the world (due to its functional properties - it’s solid, hard and durable). Oak floors are resistant to moisture swelling and have a very long life comparing to other types of wood. They are very decorative and the natural structure and shade of oak wood brings comfort and a warm, cozy feel to any interior. Thanks to wide surface treatment options, oak floors are suitable for traditional and modern interiors. With proper maintenance, your wooden floor will serve you for life. 

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