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Interior Designers in Bratislava


Interior designers and architects at Archstyl believe that our living space should on one hand be appealing but on the other fully functional - this philosophy translates into every single design that they create for their clients.

Archstyl designers claim that since we spend about 90% of our time indoors, whether it’s in our workplace or at home, it only makes sense that this time is spent in as much comfort as possible. They emphasize on using the space provided effectively by subdividing certain zones, e.g., separating your home into day and night uses, and creating your interior in regard to your lifestyle. A major role in your interior is played by the choice/type and amount of furniture and lighting, right materials and accessories, all beautifully balanced and effectively deployed. For interior design to operate as a whole, everything must have its place, and all elements must fit together. This is not an easy task and requires expert skills and experience. The professionals at Archstyl are ready to help you create your new dream home. 

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