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Interior Designers in Bratislava

Romi Klimeková

Romi Klimekova, an interior designer very well known in her field, has been creating many unique projects, which are worth seeing. When designing interiors she has a clear goal - to create a space, in which her clients feel comfortable and literally will not want to leave their home.

Romi studied law but she is devoted to her passion - nowadays also her profession - interior design, which was close to her heart already at a young age. She completed her first project while studying at college, and the next one, an apartment located in Prague, was definitely the starting point for her career as an interior designer. She is inclined towards Nordic design and prefers a palette of colors such as white, gray and black combined with wood. In each apartment she firstly takes care of a solid foundation consisting of high quality walls, floors and tiles. She then secondly fills the interior with furniture and decor and always puts strong emphasis on details in the form of photos or textiles like curtains and pillows, which she very often arranges to be tailor made. Also through these ideas she delivers unique quality to the client and creates a compact space that brings joy to everyone during their stay at home. According to Romi, where and how we live, deeply influences our well-being. Get inspired by the beautiful interiors created by this talented Slovak designer – you can find some on her user-friendly website.

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